For more information on the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) please visit the School of Instructor Education or visit their School of Instructor Education Facebook page.

Here are my 3250 Instructional Strategies classmates blogs:

The Provincial Instructor Diploma students have created some amazing blogs. Check out their sites and take advantage of the wealth of information and resources.

Aimee Wheatley – Instrucktional Journey

Amie Schellenberg – My PIDP Journey

Avi Sternberg – Stepping Up to the Plate

Brenda Volkmann – Life Long Learners Club

Cindy Bai -My PIDP journey.

Danielle Murphy Clare – The Nonsensical Ramblings of a Charmed Hair Teacher

Elaine Lai.  Dotty Andragogy – The amusing musings of an adult educator in the corporate training world.

Giula’s Chiesa.  Guulia’s Blog.

Isabelle Vilm – Isalearningteachingexperience.

Jaclyn Fisette – Inspiring Touch.

Johnson Yu. Johnsonyu13.  My Recipes for Adult Learning.

Jolene Loveday – Awakening Learning.

Katrina Lynn Connell – My 3250 Journey.

Piyu Singh – Piyu’s Blog.

Rhonda Hite – DentalDiva 2014.

Robert Lees – Bob’s Blog.

Silvia Diblasio – Mainstream Permaculture

Tanya Yan – Tayna’s Teaching, Learning and Sharing

Tia Ramos – Tia’s Tales of Teachings

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